There are plenty of reasons to choose a wood privacy fence in Houston — it’s durable, attractive, and can complement a variety of home exteriors and if it is properly installed and maintained, wood fencing can last for many years and add value to any property. Wood fence installations for residential homes are inexpensive, comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and quality and is easy to find just about anywhere.

Fencing is also extremely versatile as it can be finished by painting or staining it, or it can be left untreated to age to a natural color. Unfinished wood provides a natural and rustic look and tends to blend in naturally with trees, shrubs and grass. Many people choose wood fencing as it is not only visually pleasing but have a distinctly old-fashioned feel to it. It is biodegradable which is one of the advantages – a wooden fence, once you have decided that it’s reached the end of its useful life, can be torn down and recycled or even used as mulch for the garden.

The Best Wood Fence Installations for Residential Homes

There are numerous different styles of fencing, and the type of home you have may influence the style of fencing. A picket style fence seems to go with a cottage style home or a garden based on an English landscape design, whereas a split-rail fence and similar designs seem to go with ranch style houses or a Southwest theme. If your home is in a setting with lots of trees, a wood fence is an obvious choice; flowers and bushes tend to look their best against a wooden fence.

Just as there are different styles of fencing, there are also several different types of wood that are used, although around 80 percent of all wood fence installations for residential homes are made from Western red cedar or pine that has been pressure treated. Pine fencing is easy to find, is long lasting and inexpensive; red cedar is also known for its durability and is also naturally resistant to rotting and warping.

It’s important that a fence is installed correctly; this will ensure that it lasts as long as possible and needs as little maintenance as possible. The posts should always be planted in at least 18 inches of concrete, to ensure stability. A properly installed wooden fence provides more security and privacy than other types of the fence; it’s difficult to knock down or cut a hole through.

As with other types of fencing, wood fencing can easily be personalized, and you can add a variety of extra features or furnishings to it. Wood is easy to shape or cut into the style that that is just what you are looking for, and a wooden fence can be left unfinished or easily painted. An attractive and increasingly popular alternative to wooden fencing is bamboo fencing, which looks more natural and will last just as long.

Not surprisingly, Wood fence installations for residential homes are one of the most widely used type fences today. Installed and finished properly, a wood fence will provide years of protection and privacy for you and your home and family.